The company offers a wide range of portable micro electronic products and sensors. From cyclometers over watches to GPS devices, o-synce cares for all kinds of activity in everyday life.

The o-synce philosophy is based on three core statements.

Simplicity: Simplifying the handling

Less is more: More flexible with a smart modular product range

One fits all: Basic products with an all built-in software concept

... wrapped in German engineering & Italian life style design

An ambitious team of passionate athletes (triathlon, cycling, skiing), engineers, economists and sport scientists stands behind the company with the orange logo. 

"o-synce" - what does it mean?

The "o" may remind you of the symbol of the neverending circle. It is also related to the technique of synchronisation and tries to bring syncronisation and science together in one word. o-synce is most commenly pronounced as "o-science".