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Innovative TriEye sports eyewear with rearview mirror wins ISPO Gold Award

Heidelberg - January 14, 2019 - At the annual ISPO Awards, the TriEye sports glasses with integrated rearview mirror won the Gold Winner Award in the Outdoor - Biking category.

TriEye is a pair of sports glasses developed in Norway with a cleverly integrated and individually adjustable rearview mirror that sets a new safety standard for sports glasses. The TriEye, financed by a Kickstarter campaign, was presented at Eurobike 2018 and promptly won the Public's Choice Award of the start-ups as well as the d&i Award at the TAIPEI CYCLE Show 2018.

These sports glasses offer a clever solution, that enables you to detect quickly and easily what is happening behind you at any time and thus increase comfort and safety in various situations. Be it for cyclists in traffic, runners jogging in the park or rowers on the water. The patented integration of the adjustable rearview mirror into modern and stylish sports glasses makes TriEye the perfect companion for everyday sports.

TriEye is the optimal partner to the head-up display USEE, which is also distributed by the company MOMES under the well-known brand name o-synce, and thus expands the area of secure data visualization at eye level. With these two gadgets, a cyclist has everything directly and safely in view with minimal effort - performance parameters, route information, navigation and also traffic.

During the ISPO fair in Munich, from 03.02.2019 to 06.02.2019, you can try out the TriEye sports glasses together with last year's Gold Award Winner USEE, the head-up display for cyclists in hall B6 - booth 118 and find out more about both products.

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Head-up Display USEE® in the final round of the EUROBIKE Award

Heidelberg – 2018, July, 4th– As part of the EUROBIKE Award, the USEE® has been selected by the six-member expert jury as one of the most innovative products from a total of 366 submitted items and it thus reached the final round of this prestigious award.

The USEE® HUD, developed and patented by MOMES GmbH, is a head-up display for bicycle helmets. With the 'Eyes-on-the-Road-benefit', USEE® enables intelligent monitoring of all relevant performance parameters as well as safe navigation in cycling. With the USEE®, cyclists can keep an eye on both the environment and the important data at the same time. This keeps the eyes on the road and the hands on the handlebars.

With a weight of only 20g, the product is comfortable to wear and it is also interesting for cyclists, who otherwise do without every unnecessary gram. But not only ambitious performance riders, also urban cyclists will get suitably rewarded due to the personalized data visualization. While the professionals focus on power and heart rate, the "normal cyclists" prefer information such as navigation, distance and time.

The USEE® has an LCD display, which allows excellent readability of the displayed information in any weather situation and thanks to the light collector, it automatically adapts to the light conditions of the environment. The extremely high load capacity and the 100% waterproof housing, combined with a battery run-time of up to 400 hours, make the USEE® a perfect extension for all cycling enthusiasts.

The smart device is initially available for owners of the ABUS GameChanger, Aventor and Viantor race helmets. Mounting on other ABUS helmet models is already in the development phase.

The USEE®HUD has been awarded the Gold Winner ISPO Award in 2018.

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