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maxpace | Digital (ANT+) Running Sensor
maxpace | Digital (ANT+) Running Sensor
The max pace is an extremely small and flat digital running sensor. It achieves an accuracy in distance and speed measurement at the foot of 98% (without calibration it is 95%). It is fastened by snapping between the laces. The max pace...
€49.90 * €69.90 *
ANT+ Speed Sensor
ANT+ Speed Sensor
The digital speed sensor ANT + speed fits all digital bike computers from O-Synce. It is the ideal accessory to equip a second wheel with its own speed sensor or, in the worst case, replace a missing sensor. Since it operates according...
€24.90 *
maxrun | Digital (ANT+) Running Sensor
maxrun | Digital (ANT+) Running Sensor
The max run is the ideal tool for a comprehensive analysis and control of the running training. Once the run speed sensor is paired with a sports clock, which can process ANT + data, it will provide information on running speed, distance...
€39.90 * €59.90 *
heart2feel x | Digital (ANT +) Chest Strap for Heart Rate Measurement
heart2feel x | Digital (ANT +) Chest Strap for...
The Heart 2feel X chest strap uses the ANT + digital transmission method at 2.4 GHz frequency, ensuring interference-free transmission of heart rate data. This makes it suitable for all digital bicycle computers ( macro x, macrohigh X,...
€59.90 *
ANT + Speed & Cadence | Digital Speed and Cadence Sensor
ANT + Speed & Cadence | Digital Speed and...
The ANT + speed & cadence sensor combines digital radio transmission for cadence and speed . Placed on the chain strut, it takes up the speed via the supplied spoke magnet, while the magnet, which is also delivered with the crank, passes...
€39.90 *