TrainingLab Software

The o-synce trainingLab software allows you to document your individual workout in detail. Extensive features help you to analyse your results.

Download trainingLab Version 4.03.

Mini_pc Setup Software

Setup software to configurate all mini_pc-series' cyclometers via PC and mini_pc setting tool.

Download mini_pc setup software

Navi2coach Firmware Update

Firmware updater for navi2coach

Download Navi2coach Firmware Update

Please read the instructions in our FAQs!


Route planning software for navi2move

Download NaviControlCenter

Navi2move Firmware Update

Firmware updater for navi2move - Please read the update instructions on FAQs!

Download Navi2move Firmware Update

Macro Setup Tool

Setup software to configurate all macro-series' cyclometers via PC and macropc interface. Equal functionality is integrated in traininglab.

Download Macro Setup Tool