TrainingLab Software

traininglab offers you an exact documentation of your training session. A variety of functions help you to stay up to date and to optimize your athletic development.

The new traininglab 4.03 even increases the efficiency of the analysis and documentation of your training. A new user interface with widgets, FitFiles are just some of the highlights. Brand new: With the workout editor you create your individual trainig. During the training the virtual coach (screeneye xnavi2coach) guides you through the workout and gives instant feedback.


Precise to the top form! Plan your trainings sessions for a proper preparation for your season goal – no matter if it is a marathon, an Olympic Ironman or a sprint bike race.

Synchronization with

Download your training schedule from the onine platform into your trainlab, so you can stay updated even if you don’t have internet access during a training camp. Later on you may upload your completed exercises into an update your existing training documentation.

Calendar representation of planned training sessions

traininglab can display your training schedule in day and monthly views.This ensures that you never lose sight of your training goal!

User Management

Maybe you don't want to train only yourself. You can easily create up to 255 users profiles, and coach a whole team.

1links_Planen  2_mitte_Planen 3_rechts_Planen  Calender month view  Calender day view


Configure your training device, that only your prefered training data will be displayed. No matter if its calorie expenditure, power, speed, heart rate or distance - You can choose which training information you want to see at first sight.

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File format


trainingLab 4.0 imports FitFiles activities and exports excisting training data (FItFiles format) from trainingLab 4.0. Using the FitFiles format, trainingLab software supports nearly all transmission profiles of excisting training devices at the market. Therefore you can organize your training with traininglab- even if you don't use an o-synce device.

Polar Plugin

You have a Polar sportswatch and like to use an o-synce cycling computer in the near future? The Polar plugin allows you to save your Polar data in the o-synce traininglab. So you can continue using your Polar gear and enjoy the advantage of just one software for all your records.

Forerunner 50 - Support

Our software does also support the sports watch "Forerunner 50" from Garmin.


You've got a new computer? Create a backup with the help of the backup function and easily transfer your trainlab to the new pc within seconds.

Training analysis

Analyzing functions

Create a summary of your training with the extensive reporting capabilities. At just one glance you can observe, how your training volumes have changed. Similarly, your weight, your calorie consumption or the influence of weather conditions can be reconstructed in statistical curves.




Table view

Ideal for all lovers of the classical table/chart. The table view gives a practical overview of recent training sessions.

Graphical diagrams

After the training you can analyze your workout with a variety of graphical data. You can display your heart rate or speed curve. Individual display modes allow you to compare several curves in one window or to display them individually after another.

Lap comparison

A genious comparison of distance/time during training or competition is the practical lap comparison chart. Not only runners rely on it.


7_mitte_Trainingsanalyse 8_rechts-Trainingsanalyse 
Report list Analyzing exercise Lap comparison


Altitude and route profiles

The altitude profile allows you to add comments after a trip. You may for example document the soil- or street-conditions, note down where you paused your training or where you consumed what kind of food. In this way every trip may become a detailed and very useful diary.

Workout comparison

Compare your workouts with each other. The comparison function allows you to superimpose two training sessions in order to understand the appropriate development.


Add your photos to your workout documentation to have fabulous memories. Either you want to capture the best moments from the last training camp, or want to include maps, …with a picture gallery each tour will remain lively.

9_links_Dokuentation  10_mitte_Dokumentation  11_rechts_Dokumentation
Altitude and route profiles   Image gallery


Follow all your workout steps and visualize your trips

The new OSM map functionality ads a great range of features to our traininglab software. Based on OpenStreetMap our goal was to extend the user experience beyond the basic training analyses.

Display your GPS track and check the exact location of your lap markers. The replay feature allows you to animate your last workout by following your progress via map and via altitude profile view.

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