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TriEye MAX photochromatic lens: black frame


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Product number: 75_SA7593
Product information "TriEye MAX photochromatic lens: black frame"

Sport Glasses with integrated Rearview Mirror

The photochromatic MAX model by TriEye™ is a further development of the innovative glasses with rear-view mirror. The photochromatic lens changes its colour, depending on the sunlight, from category 0 (clear) to category 2 (dark). Thus these TriEye™ glasses adjust automatically to light and weather conditions and you don't need separate exchangeable lenses. So TriEye™ is not only your companion in twilight and rain, but also your eye protection against the blinding sun and UV radiation.

TriEye™ in the City

Everyone wants to reach their destination as safe as possible. It is very important to assess the situation correctly in road traffic. TriEye™ is your loyal companion in the city, too. No matter whether you are on a bicycle or an e-scooter to pick up your sunday rolls from your favourite bakery: WITH TRI EYE™ YOU ARE ALWAYS ON THE SAFE SIDE!

TriEye glasses with rearview mirror in the city

Tri Eye™ in Sport

The glasses are suitable for various sports and activities such as cycling, thriathlon, running, rowing and inline skating. They are also very helpful if you are on the road with a Segway, e-scooter or even a recumbent bicycle!

Our tip for ambitious athletes:

Training partners or competitors who are about to overtake you, will also make themselves noticeable in the rearview mirror. By seeing what is happening behind you, you create some important advantage points and can thus increase your athletic performance and personal safety.

TriEye glasses with rearview mirror while training

Correct use of TriEye™

TriEye™ works like your rearview mirror in the car and can be adjusted to your personal needs. The rear-view mirror is optimally adjusted, if you see part of your face in it. Please refrain from looking in the mirror permanently. Just take a quick look behind you to assess the traffic situation. Always remember to check the "Blind Spot" aswell.

Our tip for parents:

A bicycle trailer is very popular with parents and their children. Sometimes it not only provides fun but also worries: while you are driving, you cannot see what is happening to the trailer. TriEye™ offers a simple and effective problem solution: With these innovative glasses, you can get a better view of the trailer with just a slight movement of your head thus increasing the safety of your little passenger. Watch this video and let TriEye™ convince you!

Size Matters!

With TriEye™ you can choose between two mirror sizes: MAX for the large mirror and PRO for the smaller mirror. Which mirror size you choose, is very important. For beginners, we recommend the MAX mirror, so you can get used to TriEye™ faster and easier. PRO is the optimised size and looks much smoother, but with the smaller mirror its harder to see, so it is only recommended for advanced cyclists! You can find more information about the size of TriEye™ under: Instructions & FAQs.

The TriEye™ Features

The photochroatic MAX model of TriEye™ changes its colour depending on the sunlight, from category 0 (clear) to category 2 (dark). It is equipped with an integrated rear-view mirror and full UV400 protection. The can be changed by simply opening up the latches on both sides and pulling the lens out carefully. The mirror is fully adjustable for every face and is made from polycarbonate with an anti-fog coatingso you don't need to be afraid of accidentally dropping the glasses and breaking into small pieces. The frame is made of a durable plastic polymer, which combines low weight and enormous strength. The four frame vents ensure optimal airflow.

The Features of TriEye


Within the ISPO Awards 2019 TriEye™ recieved the Gold Winner award in the Outdoor > Biking category. After the TAIPEI CYCLE d&i award 2018 and the Public's Choice of the Eurobike Start-Up Award 2018 this is already the third award for the sports glasses with the rearview mirror.

Awards of TriEye


Technical Data

  • Weight:30g
  • UV Protection: UV400 (100% Protection with all glasses)
  • Frame material: Grilamid TR90
  • Lens material: Polykarbonat
  • Mirror material: Polykarbonat

Scope of delivery

  • Glasses with temples and photochromic lens
  • Spectacle case
  • Microfibre bag
  • Glasses cleaning cloth

CE Declaration of Conformity

  • The CE Declaration of Conformity can be downloaded here

Glare protection

Filter category.Usability/ SuitabilityAnti-glare factor
0Suitable for light light protectionLight absorption up to 20%TriEye
1Suitable for overcast, cloudy weather conditionsLight absorption from 20 to 57%TriEye
2Suitable for the summer sun in our latitudesLight absorption up to 82%TriEye
3Suitable for bright sunlight, e.g. midday sun, on the beachLight absorption up to 92%
4Suitable for extremely high solar radiation, e.g. in high mountains, in the desert; Unsuitable for driving!Light absorption up to 97%

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March 25, 2024 10:50

Weiterempfehlung nach Eingewöhnung

Ich benötigte 3 Fahrten um den Spiegel richtig einzustellen, damit es passt. Sobald man sich daran gewöhnt hat, möchte man den Spiegel nicht mehr missen, denn es ist auch ein Sicherheitsaspekt. Man muss sich nicht mehr so häufig umdrehen.

July 23, 2023 08:05

Einfach gut und gelungen

Die Brille ist anfänglich ungewohnt und nach einigen Umstellung und Einstellung des Spiegels von Vorteil.

July 22, 2023 12:14

Die Brille funktioniert super und ist ein Hingucker

Brille passt bestens und ist auch über längere Zeit gut zu tragen. Die Sicht im Rückspiegel ist gut. Bei mir stört der Kinnriemen vom Helm ein wenig den Rücksicht.

July 14, 2023 05:51

Ich habe das Produkt bereits weiter empfohlen.

Das Produkt entspricht voll der Beschreibung, nach kurzer Gewöhnungsphase ist der integrierte Spiegel sehr hilfreiche beim Radfahren. Die Qualität und Verarbeitung sind sehr gut, der Preis ist stimmig.

April 11, 2023 17:16

Ideale fahrradbrille

Sehr leicht, sehr guter Sitz, einfach klasse

February 15, 2023 15:29

Ware und Abwicklung ok; gerne wieder

Nach erstem Eindruck absolut ok