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max run


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Product number: OSY-58
Product information "max run"

Digital (ANT+) Running Sensor

The max run is the ideal tool for a comprehensive analysis and control of the running training. Once the run speed sensor is paired with a sports clock, which can process ANT + data, it will provide information on running speed, distance traveled, average speed and step number.

Without calibration (which the user can do on a defined route, eg a 400 m track) the accuracy of the sensor is 95%. With calibration, it increases to 97 to 98%. The transmission to the sports watch takes place at 2.4 GHz with ANT + sports protocol. The weight of the sensor is 27 g with battery, the range is up to 3 meters.

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max pace
Digitaler (ANT+) Running Sensor The max pace is an extremely small and flat digital running sensor.It achieves an accuracy in distance and speed measurement at the foot of 98% (without calibration it is 95%). It is fastened by snapping between the laces. You can combine the max pace sensor with the mix pro sports watch and the Visor screeneye x. Once paired (via Ant+), it provides reliable data on speed, distance, average speed, pacing and candence. The battery (CR2032) will last for about one year in normal use.

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First Wireless Remote Control for Smartphones The multiremote is the first wireless remote control that allows you to perform the functions of your smartphone* directly from the handlebars of your bicycle. Whether the smartphone is in your pocket or attached to the handlebars, you can use the multiremote to control both the music player and the display panels of compatible apps. Switching between two display modes or zooming in on the map is very easy. Functional Standards of multiremote The multiremote works with two radio standards. In the figurative sense, multiremote "speaks" two "languages": ANT+ and Bluetooth Smart 4.0, also known under the former name Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). Each time you pair multiremote with a device, you can select the appropriate "language". If you select the "language" ANT+, you can use multiremote to operate either the coachsmart or the USEE. If you choose the "language" Bluetooth Smart 4.0,  the multiremote can control the Scout app with all iPhones starting with model 4S. CycleOps, the specialist for indoor bikes, also offers a multiremote compatible app. More information about CycleOps at: cycleops.com Multiremote and BLEvo App You use the BLEvo App with your Specialized Turbo Levo or Kenevo? The BLEvo App transforms your Levo or Kenevo into a smart e-bike. This app allows you to configure some e-bike parameters and monitor your bike's performance. With the multiremote you can easily control the app directly from the handlebars. You can mount it either on the left or on the right side and you save the annoying operation via the touchscreen of your smartphone. Download the BLEvo app here for Android and here for iOS herunter.

Eagle Five Plus
Visual acuity: + 1.5
Photochromic Sports Reading Glasses Eagle Five Plus Eagle Five Plus - The popular Eagle Five with photochromic, self-tinting discs The Eagle Five Plus is (cycling-) sports and reading glasses in one. It has a reading zone at the bottom of the lens for reading the navigation device, smartphones or running watch and above it a neutral lens without correction. The head-enclosing shape guarantees perfect protection of the eyes against wind, dirt and insects. The lenses, which tint from light orange-brown to dark brown, allow the use of the glasses in changing light conditions. The very pleasant orange-brown tint makes the weather look better and also improves the mood. The bifocal Eagle sports reading glasses (with small reading zones) have been enthusiastically received by numerous customers and presented very positively in various magazines.Many cyclists, runners, skiers, ski tourers, hikers, orienteers, sailors and other sportsmen can read their navigation system, smartphone & Co without any problem and do not have to change their glasses all the time. More than 10,000 customers therefore no longer want to do without the glasses, always have them with them and recommend them to friends, acquaintances and club colleagues. The most important features of Eagle Five exactly fitting geometry of the frame (better fit of the glasses) and modern optic optimal size and placement of the reading zone exchangeable nose bridge in black, grey and orange (included) extendable brackets for adaptation to any head shape and size clip-on headband How to find the right lens strength The distance to your navigation device is usually larger than the distance to a book, so you should choose a lens strength that is about 0.5 dp lower than you usually do. If you have a dp of 2.5 you should take the galsses with 2.0 dp! Note: since the tinting takes a few seconds (as with all self-tinting lenses), the glasses cannot change their tint quickly enough in tunnel entrances or very quickly changing lighting conditions, e.g. in the forest. Nevertheless, the Eagle Five with photochromic lenses is ideal for days with changing light conditions or for athletes who do not want to change lenses.

Engine manufacturer: Bosch-Universal
With Bike Trax Thieves don't have a Chance BIKE TRAX by PowUnity is a GPS Tracker for e-bikes against theft. The GPS Tracker is integrated into the engine compartment of your e-bike, which makes it invisible for thiefs. If your e-bike is moved without your consent, BIKE TRAX will trigger an alarm. In case of a theft, you can track your e-bike in real-time with the PowUnity App and call the police at the same time. The GPS transmission works due to the built in SIM card. The GPS Tracker BikeTrax is based on the 2G technology. 2G has the widest and most secure network coverage of all the internet options. It is the best GPS tracking device for e-bikes and other bikes at this point. The power supply of the GPS Tracker secures the battery pack of your e-bike. If the battery pack gets removed or is not charged, you Bike Trax will be powerd by its integrated bonus battery pack. Compatible E-bikes Right now, Bike Trax is compatible with following enginge developers: Bosch, Brose, Shimano and Yamaha. Assembly The Assembly is easy and can be done by yourself. A step-by-step instruction for the assembly will be delivered together with your Bike Trax. PowUnity App If your e-bike ever gets stolen, you will get a theft-alarm from the PowUnity app on your smartphone. Furthermore, you can track the location of your e-bike at any time. The app offers even more usefull functions. You can track all your driven routes and you get important information considering e-bike safety. The data transmission is free for the first year of use. After that, you have to pay 39,50€ per year or just 3,95€ per moth.

Trieye View Sport High Definition
Size: M/L
The new sports glasses with integrated rear view mirror The new TriEye™ model is a further development of the innovative sports glasses with rear view mirror. This stands for new safety standards in traffic and modern design with large panoramic lenses. The new XXL lenses provide protection from UV radiation and give the eye a more comfortable view in the rearview mirror. Compared to the previous model (TriEye PRO), the size of the new adapted rear view mirror gives the eye a more optimized use. Thus, both the sporty and urban cyclists benefit from the safe view to the back and clear view to the front. A special feature of the new TriEye View is the sustainability of the glasses. We guarantee the possible replacement of each individual component - whether for the lenses, the frame, rear view mirror, nose pad, etc.. Rounding out the new TriEye™ model is a stylish design that includes smoke lenses, giving the eye a protective and comfortable effect. The 32 gram lightweight goggles offer an optimal fit thanks to the moldable temple and nose pad, UV400 protection and anti-fog coating. Included with the purchase of the new View SPORT HIGH DEFINITION are the glasses with frame, contrast-enhancing lenses, a microfiber pouch, glasses case and a glasses cleaning cloth. The new TriEye View in the city Everyone wants to reach their destination as safely as possible. It is very important to correctly assess the situation in traffic. TriEye™ is also your faithful companion in the city. Whether you're riding a bike or an e-scooter, the revised mirror size makes it even easier for you to look safely into the rearview mirror while still maintaining a clear view ahead. TriEye™ in sports The glasses are suitable for many sports and activities such as cycling, thriathlon, running, rowing and inline skating. It's also very helpful when you're riding a Segway, e-scooter or even a recumbent bike! Tip for ambitious athletes: Competitors or training partners who are about to overtake can also be seen early in the rearview mirror. By seeing what is happening behind you, you gain a few important seconds of advantage and can thus increase your athletic performance and personal safety. Using TriEye™ TriEye™ works like a car rearview mirror and can be adjusted to fit you exactly. The rearview mirror is optimally adjusted when you can see part of your cheek in it. Please refrain from looking permanently into the mirror. Take a quick look to assess the traffic situation behind you and always remember to check the "blind spot". Tip for parents: A bicycle trailer is very popular among parents as well as their offspring. Sometimes it is not only fun, but also a source of concern: during the ride you can't see what's going on with the trailer. You have to constantly turn around to check on your child. TriEye™ offers a simple and effective solution to the problem. With these innovative glasses, you'll have a better view of the trailer with just a slight movement of your head, increasing the safety of your little passenger. Be sure to check out this video and let TriEye™ convince you! Features of the TriEye View SPORT HIGH DEFINITION The glare protection of the mirrored View SPORT High Definition by TriEye™ in the rose variant corresponds to the categorie 3 and is therefore suitable for bright sunlight, e.g. for use in the midday sun. The rose colored glass reduces glare and optimizes the contrast sensitivity. Especially for outdoor activities, this offers a great number of advantages. Through simple opening of the latches on both sides, the glasses can be changed without any problems. The glasses are equipped with the adjustable rear view mirror and full UV400 protection. The mirror can be adjusted to any face shape and has an anti-fog coating. Since the lens is made of durable polycarbonate, you don't have to worry about accidentally dropping the glasses. The frame of the glasses consists of a durable plastic polymer, which combines low weight and enormous load capacity. The four frame vents provide optimal airflow. Awards At the ISPO Awards 2019, TriEye™ received the Gold Winner award in the Outdoor > Biking category. After the Taipei Cycle d&i award 2018 and the Public's Choice of the Eurobike Start-Up Award 2018, it is already the third award for the sports glasses with the rear view mirror. Technical Data Weight: 30g UV Protection: UV400 (100% Protection with all glasses) Frame material: Grilamid TR90 Lens material: Polykarbonat Mirror material: Polykarbonat Scope of delivery Glasses with temples and smoke lens Spectacle case Microfibre bag Glasses cleaning cloth Glare protection Filter category. Usability/ Suitability Anti-glare factor 0 Suitable for light light protection Light absorption up to 20% TriEye 1 Suitable for overcast, cloudy weather conditions Light absorption from 20 to 57% TriEye 2 Suitable for the summer sun in our latitudes Light absorption up to 82% TriEye 3 Suitable for bright sunlight, e.g. midday sun, on the beach Light absorption up to 92% TriEye 4 Suitable for extremely high solar radiation, e.g. in high mountains, in the desert; Unsuitable for driving! Light absorption up to 97%

o-range CARE face mask black | CE insinde
Size: S
Medical Face Mask with Style ATTENTION! From the 19. January 2021 there is a new government resolution. According to it there is a obligation to wear medical (e.g. OP or FFP) protective masks in public transport as well as in stores. This mask complies with the legal requirements. The imprint for the certification can only be found inside the mask on this model (black).  Our protective masks meet the new requirements. In all federal states, except Bavaria, you can use our protective masks in public transport as well as at the shopping without hesitation. Children under 14 years of age are - also in Bavaria - exempt from this regulation. The CE Declaration of Conformity you can download here as PDF. You can find the official test report of our protective masks here. In cooperation with our Italian partner company o-range, we are launching a protective mask on the market that not only protects against viruses, but also offers a high level of wearing comfort and an attractive design. The basic components of the o-range CARE protective mask consist of a water-resistant outer material and a 3-layer filter. The combination of these two materials makes it unique. Thanks to its breathability and light weight (6g), the mask is suitable for sports as well as for everyday use. The modern colours also make it a trendy accessory. This attractive mask has the CE mark and is approved as a medical mask, but also complies with the specifications of FFP masks. Our High-Fives 1. Comfortable and Dense Fit The o-range CARE protective mask has been designed to provide a good and secure fit on the face so that no foreign particles can pass through. Due to its light weight (only 6g) and pleasant, stretchy material, the protective mask is very comfortable to wear. The anatomically slightly pre-shaped construction and the flexible material adapt to the shape and movements of faces, without any nose clip. 2. Simple Application The o-range CARE is designed to be easy and self-explanatory to use. Thanks to the material combination used, it automatically adapts to the shape of the face. This allows a reliable fit without the need to adjust a hard metal temple before each wear. 3. Light Breathing Thanks to the integrated particle filter, the o-range CARE protective mask offers long-lasting low respiratory resistance for easy breathing. Therefore it is particularly suitable for wearing for a longer period of time or for sports. 4. CE-Compliant Our protective masks are certified as medical protective masks and are manufactured in accordance with Directive 93/42/CEE, amended by Directive 2007/47/EC on medical devices. They also meet FFP mask criteria. They protect people and their surroundings from droplets and other large particles. o-range CARE protective mask bears the CE mark with an identification number that indicates the EN standard (Attention: At this mask "color black" the CE-mark is attached inside and not visible from the outside) we can present an EU type examination certificate on request the CE declaration of conformity can be downloaded here 5. Made in Europe The materials are developed and produced in Europe. This enables us to guarantee high quality and consistent delivery. Which Size is Suitable for me? The o-range CARE protective masks are available in four sizes (S, M, L and XL). Basically we recommend size S for children. For women we recommend sizes between M and L and for men between L and XL. For closer orientation you can use the following grid: Use a ruler to measure the distance between the tip of your nose and your chin as shown in the picture. Then you can read your size from the following overview: Size S: Distance less then 6cm (especially recommended for children)SizeM : Distance between ca. 6 and 8cmSize L: Distance between ca. 8 and 10cmSize XL: Distance more then 10cm   Can I Wash the Mask? The protective mask can be washed in the washing machine at 40°. Tests have shown that the o-range CARE retained its protective function even after 8 machine wash cycles. You can find more information about the washing process here. Are you interested in personalized protective masks for your medical practice or company? ... No Problem! Just get in touch with us!  

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