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max run
Digital (ANT+) Running Sensor The max run is the ideal tool for a comprehensive analysis and control of the running training. Once the run speed sensor is paired with a sports clock, which can process ANT + data, it will provide information on running speed, distance traveled, average speed and step number. Without calibration (which the user can do on a defined route, eg a 400 m track) the accuracy of the sensor is 95%. With calibration, it increases to 97 to 98%. The transmission to the sports watch takes place at 2.4 GHz with ANT + sports protocol. The weight of the sensor is 27 g with battery, the range is up to 3 meters.

screeneye x | Running cap mit head-up Display & max run
Das ist die neue Art zu trainierenMit der Weltneuheit data4vision: Screeneye x Sports Visor mit Digitaler (ANT+) Laufsensor. Präsentiert o-synce eines der innovativsten Trainingssysteme auf dem Markt. Die gesamte Sportelektronik ist im Schirm der Kappe integriert und stellt alle Daten jederzeit sichtbar auf dem integrierten Heads-Up-Display dar. Und der max run ist das ideale Tool für eine umfassende Analyse und Steuerung des Lauftrainings. Wenn du den Lauf-Geschwindigkeitssensor einmal mit screeneye gekoppelt hast, die ANT+ Daten verarbeiten kann, gibt er künftig Auskunft über Laufgeschwindigkeit, zurückgelegte Strecke, Durchschnittsgeschwindigkeit sowie Schrittzahl. Läufer und für viele Ausdauersportler ergeben sich bisher unerreichbare Trainingsmöglichkeiten. Ohne Kalibrierung (die der Nutzer auf einer definierten Strecke, z.B. einer 400 m Bahn, vornehmen kann) liegt die Genauigkeit des Sensors bei 95%. Mit Kalibrierung steigt sie auf 97 bis 98%. -Die Übertragung zur screeneye erfolgt bei 2,4 GHz mit ANT+Sport-Protokoll. -Das Gewicht des Sensors beträgt 27 Gramm mit Batterie.-Die Reichweite beträgt bis zu 3 Metern.

screeneye x | Running Cap with Heads-Up Display
With this sports visor screeneye x the training is even more fun. The innovative head-up display allows to display the training data directly into the user’s field of vision.Using any ANT+ sensor the screeeneye x displays all training data such as heart rate, speed, distance, stop times, lap times, training zones and coaching tips. The display is illuminated by way of a light collection film integrated in the visor, which makes the numbers easy to read even in poor lighting conditions. Any commercially available ANT+ sensor or the original accessories from o-synce may be connected with the screeneye x to measure heart rate, distance and speed. All training data can be exported to the PC via Micro USB connection. data4vision concept data4vision is the innovative concept for the visualization of training data. The ultra-light computer and head-up display are placed inside the sports visor, which allows a continuous control and analysis of your training. Training with heart rate The adjustable heart frequency zone which is shown by a visual indicator, allows a continuous control of your heart rate. Always have an eye on your workout and stay in the ideal training range. Run differently Together with optional maxrun speed sensor you can measure your speed and distance precisely. The trainer in your vision The trainer function will allow you to set up flexible training programs in advance to your training. Just download your preset workout and let the screeneye x guide you through your training. Analyzing with PC Via Micro USB and traininglab software you can easily document your training data, analyse your progress or simply have a look at some interesting statistics. Why not compare your current workout with previous training sessions or have a look how the weather influences your performance? The traininglab doesn't cost you anything but is an exciting tool for analysis and further improvement of your strength and endurance. If you are a POLAR user, the POLAR plugin gives you the possibility to transfer your training data from the POLAR software or carry on using your POLAR products with traininglab. Train like a pro with Trainingsplan.com Trainingsplan.com provides the possibility to create training schedules which adapt to your needs. If you are ill or have no time for your workout, the schedule will be calculated anew. Many details in your life may influence your training schedule. With an accommodating schedule you will always make the best out of your workout.