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ANT + remote
Wireless Remote Control The ANT + Remote is the first wireless remote control for the navi2coach and the first Ant + remote control for an electronic device at all. With the three buttons of the remote, all functions of the navi2coach can be operated from afar. The remote control can be positioned as desired. The range is Ant + type is around 3 meters. In the future, Ant + -capable smartphones can also be operated via the Ant + Remote via a corresponding app. The remote is fixed to the handlebars via elastic rubber bands.

Bike Tie Connect Kit - Smartphone holder
Bike Tie Connect Kit - Smartphone holder
Bike Tie Connect Kit - Smartphone Holder- Complete solution for attaching smartphones to the handlebar or stem- Compatible with Garmin mounting- Compatible with the by.schulz SDS system- Suitable for 4.7 inches to 7.2 inches smartphones- Suitable for 22 mm to 47 mm tube diameter- Durable, flexible silicone- Easy to clean - Environmentally friendly and easy to recycle

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Analoge Sportuhr mit Brustgurt
Mix free
Analog Sportswatch with Chest Strap The Mix Free is a chic and solid sports watch for fitness-oriented athletes. It presents the essential functions on its large display. This includes, in addition to the heart rate display (chest strap with transmitter is included), the display of the caloris burned and the total fat burned. An optical and acoustic alarm indicates when the heart rate limits are exceeded or fallen short of. The visual heart rate zone indicator provides additional information about the training units. In addition to the clock and an analog chest strap, the necessary batteries are also included.

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Analoger Brustgurt für Herzfrequenzmessung
heart2feel free
Analog Chest Belt for Heart Rate Measurement The heart2feel free heart rate monitor uses an analogue transmitter with a frequency of 5.3 kHz and thus provides a secure connection to the analogue bike computers (macro free, macro high free and urban high free) and o-synce sport watches (mix free). The comfortable and seamless softbelt convinces with the comfort of the wearer by not putting on and sitting like a second skin. The required battery for the transmitter is included in the delivery.

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Solenoid valve cap for bike computer
Solenoid valve cap for bike computer
Schwalbe Valve Cap with Magnet Neodym Magnet: The special feature of these valve caps lies in the built-in neodymium magnet. It can take on the role of a spoke magnet for your bike computer! Protective Function: These valve caps serve as protective covers for your Presta valves. They prevent the entry of dust, dirt, and foreign objects into the valve, avoiding potential issues during inflation or deflation of the tire. Durable Material: Schwalbe is renowned for high-quality bicycle accessories, and these valve caps are no exception. They are made of robust materials that withstand the rigors of cycling. Stylish Design: In addition to their functionality, these valve caps add a touch of elegance to your bicycle.

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