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TriEye View Air Revo Blue


Product number: SW10079.5
Product information "TriEye View Air Revo Blue"

TriEye View Air Revo Blue

The TriEye View Air Revo Blue is an innovative cycling glasses with a rearview mirror that allows you to keep an eye on the traffic behind you without turning your head.

Key Features of TriEye

The stylish lenses not only offer a cool look but also have a calming effect on the wearer. With category 3 glare protection, it is ideal for winter sports. The built-in contrast-enhancing technology ensures stunning contrasts and precise color reproduction – crucial for safety and peak performance in any sporting activity.

More Safety on Every Kilometer: The glasses help increase your safety, especially in urban areas or on busy roads. Potential hazards or approaching vehicles can be detected in time through the integrated rearview mirror to prevent accidents. Whether you're cycling or riding an e-scooter, getting your Sunday bread from the favorite bakery, or going on a longer excursion – thanks to the rearview mirror, you always have a view of all situations in front and behind you.

Easy Adjustment and Safety: The rearview mirror can be easily and continuously adjusted like a car mirror. It is optimally set when you see a part of your cheek and shoulder in it. Short glances into the mirror allow you to assess the traffic situation behind you without neglecting the road ahead. For parents, the TriEye View Air Revo Blue provides a convenient solution to monitor the bicycle trailer and increase the safety of the little passengers.

Key Features of TriEye

For City and Sport: The glasses are suitable for many sports and activities such as cycling, triathlon, running, rowing, and inline skating. They are also very helpful when using a Segway, e-scooter, or a recumbent bike!

    ➜ Gain valuable seconds in competition: By taking an early look into the rearview mirror of the TriEye View Air Revo Blue, you'll notice approaching competitors or training partners in advance.

Protection from Sun and Glare: Experience exceptionally wide views with the blue mirrored panoramic lenses of the TriEye View Air Revo Blue, along with excellent UV400 protection and category 3 glare protection. The anti-fog coating guarantees clear vision even in challenging conditions. Effortless lens replacement is facilitated by the easy opening of the dual-sided latches.

Durability: Our lenses are made of high-quality, durable polycarbonate, which is not only lightweight but also shatterproof. This means you don't have to worry about scratches or damage – our glasses are ready for all adventures!

Sustainability: A special feature of the TriEye View Air Revo Blue is its sustainability; every part of the glasses, whether it's the frame, lenses, rearview mirror, or nose pad, is replaceable.

Lightweight, Comfortable, Sustainable: Weighing only 32 grams, with a moldable temple and a nose pad for optimal grip, the TriEye View Air Revo Blue offers an unbeatable overall package. Included in the delivery are the glasses with frame, blue lenses, a glasses case, a microfiber pouch, and a glasses cleaning cloth.

Key Features of TriEye


As part of the ISPO Awards 2019, TriEye™ received the Gold Winner award in the Outdoor > Biking category. Following the Taipei Cycle d&i award 2018 and the Public's Choice of the Eurobike Start-Up Award 2018, this is already the third award for the sports glasses with a rearview mirror.

Glare protection

Filter category.Usability/ SuitabilityAnti-glare factor
0 Suitable for light light protection Light absorption up to 20% TriEye
1 Suitable for overcast, cloudy weather conditions Light absorption from 20 to 57% TriEye
2 Suitable for the summer sun in our latitudes Light absorption up to 82% TriEye
3Suitable for bright sunlight, e.g. midday sun, on the beachLight absorption up to 92%TriEye
4Suitable for extremely high solar radiation, e.g. in high mountains, in the desert; Unsuitable for driving!Light absorption up to 97%

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