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With its multiple functions, the coachsmart adapts to your needs

Einsatzmöglichkeiten von coachsmart

One bike computer - countless possibilities

The coachsmart is your ideal companion, whether you are riding an e-bike or a "bio-bike" without electric assistance. This wireless bike computer shows you all the important information, such as speed, distance, battery status of your e-bike, ... and you can also use it as a navigation device.

We offer hree different types of coachsmart. From the outside they are the same. The only difference is in the software. In most casesyou can use the classic coachsmart. It is compatible with e-bikes as well as with various ANT+ sensors and, thanks to Bluetooth, also with smartphones

If you still own a Specialized Turbo Levo or Kenevo e-bike built in 2017, you can access the coachsmart LEV. This may offer the option to switch the support levels of the bike. This option is no longer available later, as Specialized has installed its own switch. The coachsmart for GoSwiss Drive is only suitable for older e-bike models with this motor. These include, for example, Bulls Green Mover, Simplon Kagu and Cube Epo.

Which one is right for me?


Compatible E-bikes: Specialized Turbo Levo & Kenevo (2018 and newer), selected e-bikes from Giant und Liv, Orbea Gain, Rocky Mountain Powerplay (with iWoc TRIO V3 remote)

Connectivity: ANT+ for sensors,  Bluetooth® Low Energy for smartphone, ANT+ LEV for e-bikes

coachsmart LEV

Compatible E-bikes: Specialized Turbo Levo & Kenevo - 2017

Connectivity: ANT+ for sensors,  Bluetooth® Low Energy for smartphone, ANT+ LEV for e-bikes

coachsmart for GoSwiss Drive

Compatible E-bikes: older GoSwiss Drive e-bikes, e.g..: Bulls Green Mover, Simplon Kagu, Cube Epo

Connectivity: ANT+ for sensors,  Bluetooth® Low Energy for smartphone, ANT for e-bikes

ANT + remote
Wireless Remote Control The ANT + Remote is the first wireless remote control for the navi2coach and the first Ant + remote control for an electronic device at all. With the three buttons of the remote, all functions of the navi2coach can be operated from afar. The remote control can be positioned as desired. The range is Ant + type is around 3 meters. In the future, Ant + -capable smartphones can also be operated via the Ant + Remote via a corresponding app. The remote is fixed to the handlebars via elastic rubber bands.

ANT+ speed sensor
The digital Speed Sensor The digital speed sensor ANT + speed fits all digital bike computers by o-synce. It is the ideal accessory to equip a second wheel with its own speed sensor or, in the worst case, replace a missing sensor. Since it operates according to the Ant + standard, it reaches a range of approx. 4 meters and, if necessary, also works with devices from other manufacturers , which also set to Ant +. Included in the scope of delivery are the battery (CR2032) and mounting material.

Engine manufacturer: Shimano
With Bike Trax Thieves don't have a Chance BIKE TRAX by PowUnity is a GPS Tracker for e-bikes against theft. The GPS Tracker is integrated into the engine compartment of your e-bike, which makes it invisible for thiefs. If your e-bike is moved without your consent, BIKE TRAX will trigger an alarm. In case of a theft, you can track your e-bike in real-time with the PowUnity App and call the police at the same time. The GPS transmission works due to the built in SIM card. The GPS Tracker BikeTrax is based on the 2G technology. 2G has the widest and most secure network coverage of all the internet options. It is the best GPS tracking device for e-bikes and other bikes at this point. The power supply of the GPS Tracker secures the battery pack of your e-bike. If the battery pack gets removed or is not charged, you Bike Trax will be powerd by its integrated bonus battery pack. Compatible E-bikes Right now, Bike Trax is compatible with following enginge developers: Bosch, Brose, Shimano and Yamaha. Assembly The Assembly is easy and can be done by yourself. A step-by-step instruction for the assembly will be delivered together with your Bike Trax. PowUnity App If your e-bike ever gets stolen, you will get a theft-alarm from the PowUnity app on your smartphone. Furthermore, you can track the location of your e-bike at any time. The app offers even more usefull functions. You can track all your driven routes and you get important information considering e-bike safety. The data transmission is free for the first year of use. After that, you have to pay 39,50€ per year or just 3,95€ per moth.

LEV multiremote
Remote control for Drive Control of E-Bikes LEV multiremote is a wireless remote control for the drive control of e-bikes with the ANT+ LEV profile (such as the Turbo LEVO series from SPECIALIZED up to models from 2018). It also offers the possibility to adjust the height of Vario seat posts, such as Magura VYRON eLECT. The LEV multiremote is very compact and waterproof. You can attach it very easily, depending on your preference, to the handlebars with an elastic rubber ring. LEV multiremote takes up very little space. The battery life is up to 500 hours.

macro 2s free speed
Analog Speed Sensor You want to use the macro on a second bike? No problem,after all, the Macro series is designed to read the data from two different bicycles. So you do not need a second bike computer but only the Macro 2S free speed sensor and a second holder plate which is also available in the shop In addition to the sensor, the scope of delivery also includes mounting material, a spoke magnet, the required battery and the mandatory operating instructions. The Macro 2S free is exclusively designed for the analogue-sparking macro models Macro free and Macro high free as well as the cordless variants of the "mini"-series .

mini_pc 2h free
Holder for mini_pc free bicycle computer The mini_pc 2h free is a replacement mount for a mini_pc free bicycle computer.. Depending on your preference, you can mount this holder directly on the handlebars or the stem of your bicycle. The mounting material is also included in the delivery contents.

mini_pc free
The Small and Uncomplicated Bike Computer The mini_pc free is the perfect bike computer for beginners who prefers easy operation and uncomplicated installation without annoying cables. All functions of the mini_pc free are operated with a single switch (the entire computer serves as a click surface). In addition to speed, these include the time, trip riding time, trip distance and total distance, average speed and maximum speed as well as the comparison between current and average speed. The compact and stylish mini_pc free is suitable for use on any bicycle. It is very popular especially among city bikers. If required, the bicycle computer can also be set using the mini_pc setting tool  accessory via the home PC. The inserted, standard CR2032 battery can be replaced without any problems.The holder can be mounted either on the handlebars or stem, depending on your preferences and circumstances. Technical Data Specifications Battery: CR2032 (run-time >300h) Size: 38x33x13 mm Weight: 17g incl. battery Color: black Package content mini_pc free incl. CR2032 battery Holder Speed Sensor macro 2s free speed Mounting material Manual

mini_pc setting tool
PC-Adapter for mini Series The mini_pc setting tool makes it easy to connect the mini_pc to the PC. You can configure all settings (e.g. time, odometer, units) via the input mask. Mini_PC Setup Software To be able to set up your mini_pc free via the PC, you need the Mini_pc Setup Software: download the mini_pc setup Software If the link does not work, please copy this link into your browser: http://www.o-synce.com/software/setup_mini_pc_setup_latest.zip

First Wireless Remote Control for Smartphones The multiremote is the first wireless remote control that allows you to perform the functions of your smartphone* directly from the handlebars of your bicycle. Whether the smartphone is in your pocket or attached to the handlebars, you can use the multiremote to control both the music player and the display panels of compatible apps. Switching between two display modes or zooming in on the map is very easy. Functional Standards of multiremote The multiremote works with two radio standards. In the figurative sense, multiremote "speaks" two "languages": ANT+ and Bluetooth Smart 4.0, also known under the former name Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). Each time you pair multiremote with a device, you can select the appropriate "language". If you select the "language" ANT+, you can use multiremote to operate either the coachsmart or the USEE. If you choose the "language" Bluetooth Smart 4.0,  the multiremote can control the Scout app with all iPhones starting with model 4S. CycleOps, the specialist for indoor bikes, also offers a multiremote compatible app. More information about CycleOps at: cycleops.com Multiremote and BLEvo App You use the BLEvo App with your Specialized Turbo Levo or Kenevo? The BLEvo App transforms your Levo or Kenevo into a smart e-bike. This app allows you to configure some e-bike parameters and monitor your bike's performance. With the multiremote you can easily control the app directly from the handlebars. You can mount it either on the left or on the right side and you save the annoying operation via the touchscreen of your smartphone. Download the BLEvo app here for Android and here for iOS herunter.